OK, so you’ve got an idea, you found a factory overseas willing to manufacture your product, now how do you communicate your idea to them? Trying to convey the idea can be a daunting task.

That’s where I come in... I work from the ground up, taking your idea from a rough concept, directly to a finished technical drawing that can be sampled and manufactured anywhere in the world. I’ve worked with a wide array of materials: wood, metals, ceramics, glass, fabrics and paper. And my background encompasses the understanding of many processes: surface design, process and screen printing, etching, die cast and stamped materials, to name a few.

I design your product from the ground up – from concept through to finished specs. Your designs – fully production ready.

Some of my clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Sesame Street, Coca Cola, Nascar and Princess House just to mention a few! My work can be seen in almost every major retail store in the U.S.

I specialize in products designated for the gift, stationery, and home decorative industries.

I stand behind everything I do and can not only meet your tight deadlines, but have been known to work at some strange hours in order to coincide with factories that might be located on the other side of the globe. My experience adds up to.....well, let’s just say......a lot of years! If you’re looking for efficiency, creativity and a job well done, give me a call.